Thursday, 27 October 2011

Napoleon I

Letter written by General of Division Jean Louis Reynier at Pressbourg October 22,1809 to Napoleon shortly after
the battle of Wagram. Reynier is raising concern that he has not received any promotions,distinctions,decorations for his  military service particularly at Wagram. Napoleon thought highly enough of Reynier to write in his own hand in the upper margin "Tell him to come see me tomorrow at 11am". In 1810 Reynier was posted to Spain eventually being made  Count of Empire in 1811. Upon learning of Reynier's death in 1814 ,Napoleon remarked 'I am surprised that nothing has been done to honour the memory of General Reynier...a man who served well, who was an honest man, and whose death was a loss for France and for me" . In response Reynier was interred in the Pantheon in Paris.

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