Thursday, 27 October 2011

Napoleon I

Letter Signed by Napoleon to General Bertrand on June 23,1809 two weeks before the battle of Wagram on July 5-6,1809. Napoleon orders Bertrand to build the bridges from Lobau Island in preparation for the upcoming battle. The letter also refers to Eugene and the capitulation at Raab. Napoleon instructs Bertrand " But make sure that all operations are conducted from above to worry the enemy from advancing and cutting us off on the side where we are planning the descent."

Napoleon I

Letter written by General of Division Jean Louis Reynier at Pressbourg October 22,1809 to Napoleon shortly after
the battle of Wagram. Reynier is raising concern that he has not received any promotions,distinctions,decorations for his  military service particularly at Wagram. Napoleon thought highly enough of Reynier to write in his own hand in the upper margin "Tell him to come see me tomorrow at 11am". In 1810 Reynier was posted to Spain eventually being made  Count of Empire in 1811. Upon learning of Reynier's death in 1814 ,Napoleon remarked 'I am surprised that nothing has been done to honour the memory of General Reynier...a man who served well, who was an honest man, and whose death was a loss for France and for me" . In response Reynier was interred in the Pantheon in Paris.

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Four Letters from General Gourgard to Prince Eugene de Beauharnais concerning Napoleon

Four letters that Gourgard wrote to Prince Eugene
(Napoleon"s stepson and Josephine's son) concerning
the conditions that Napoleon is living in on
St. Helena. These are copies written by
Gourgard...significant content. Fully translated
in English. In folder shown to the left.

Three Letters from General Gourgard to Marie Louise, Francois I and Alexander I concerning Napoleon

Three letters written by Gourgard from August to
October 1818 to Marie Louise (Napoleon's 2nd wife),
her father Francis I of Austria and Alexander I ,
Czar of Russia. These are written copies by Gourgard,
Significant content fully translated into english. In
folder shown to the left.

Duke of Wellington

Autograph Letter Signed by the Duke of Wellington on April 27,1815 at Brussels.
A letter written two months after Napoleon's escape from Elba and three weeks
after Wellington's arrival in Brussels to take command of the British and
Hanoverian troops on the continent. This letter written entirely in Wellington's
hand was published in Gurwood'scollection of the Duke's correspondence.

Joseph Fouche

Document Signed by Fouche as Representative of
the People on January 28,1794. Includes Fouche's
seal. Scanned copy above does not depict full size
of the document(9 x 14) including full
French Republic emblem at top.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Brune, Marechal Guillaume

Document Signed by Brune on September
27,1797 when he was General of the 2nd
Divison in the Army of Italy. The document
confirms the retirement and good conduct
of Captain Maurice Girardin of the 17th
Infantry regiment. Contains the seals of Brune
and the regiment. Includes the signatures of
General Bisson and Point. A very significant
letter that Captain Girardin could use in his

Ney, Marechal Michel

Letter Signed by Michel Ney in August 1809 with
Ney's personal seal and the seal of 25th Dragoons
who have written the letter to Ney requesting that
retirement pay be distributed to Mr.Bellon the
regimental head surgeon. Ney writes "Read and
approved by Marshal, Duke of Elchingen,
Commander in chief- Ney"

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Bessieres, Marechal Jean-Babtiste

Letter Signed by Bessieres on December 6,1800. Letter
has the title "Garde de Consuls" and sent to General

Massena, Marechal Andre

Letter Signed by Massena at Lentzbourg, Switzerland
on July 4, 1799. A letter to the Chief  Commissary
of the French army concerning the delay in
supplies critical to the Army of the Danube. During
this time Massena fought a series of battles that
 culminated in the defeat of the Austro-Russian
army at the battle of Zurich

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Charles Maurice de Talleyrand

Letter Signed by Talleyrand at Paris on
January 28,1803. The letter states
"Bonaparte, First Consul of the republic
orders that Citizen Belloc be appointed
secretary and interpreter with the
legation of the French Republic in Spain."

Friday, 21 October 2011

Dominique Jean Larrey, Surgeon-in-Chief

Letter Signed by Dominique Larrey on May 2,1805. Larrey was surgeon in chief of the Napoleonic armies from Italy in 1797 to Waterloo in 1815. Napoleon commented..."if the army ever erects a monument to express its gratitude,it should do so in honour of Larrey"

Murat, Marechal Joachim

Letter Signed by Joachim Murat on June 9,1800

George III & William Pitt

Document Signed by King George III granting
 a pension of 300 pounds to Thomas Walpole
who was an envoy to the Elector Palatine and
Minister to the Diet of Ratisbon.
On the reverse of the document William Pitt
Prime Minister of England has signed as well as
two Treasury Commissioners and embossed with
a Treasury seal at St. James on June 26, 1797.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

General Desaix

Document Signed by Louis Charles Desaix on
December 19,1795. Presents a profile of one Jean
Francois Figuier a Second Lientenant in the 8th
regiment of chasseurs.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Louis XVIII & Marechal MacDonald

Document Signed by Louis XVIII and Marechal Macdonald awarding
the Legion of Honour. The above is a photocopy of the document. The
actual document is 13 x 17 inches on vellum.

General Charles Tristan Montholon

A set of three letters from Count Montholon.
One letter in english concerning his son going
to school in England and two letters in French.
Count Montholon served with Napoleon
on St. Helena and has been accused
by some authors as the one
who poisoned Napoleon.

General Jean Rapp

Autographe Letter Signed by Rapp in 1800

Edouard Detaille

Letter Autograph signed by Detaille 
on July 1,1884 to Jules de Marthold
of M Charavay, a book and document
dealer that still operates in Paris.
Envelope that letter was sent in.

Berthier, Marechal Louis-Alexandre -two documents signed

Letter Signed by Berthier to Lannes on
May 10, 1807 at Finkenstein Poland
notifying him that Officer Doreil has
been ordered to report to Marienbourg
to assume charge of Chief Ordnance
Officer for Lannes Corps.
Letter Signed by Berthier to General Osten
on March 31, 1803 notifying Osten that
he is now to report to General Monnet who
has taken command of Flessingue
and the Walkenem Islands.

Friday, 14 October 2011

Lucien Bonaparte

Letter by Lucien Bonaparte, Napoleon's brother, on
May 24,1815 to the sculpter Joseph Espercieux 
requesting a bust made of Madame Mere 
(Lucien & Napoleon's mother).
Includes envelope.

Eliza Bonaparte

Letter Signed by Eliza Bonaparte, Napoleon's sister on January 20,1808.

Augereau, Marechal Pierre Francois Charles

Letter Signed by Augereau on March 6, 1810 to
M Bordas the Minister of Justice. Includes the

Bernadotte, Marechal Jean-Baptiste Jules

Document Signed by 
Bernadotte on March 20, 1805.The document details the required past due amounts to the soldiers admitted to the
retirement fund for the various Regiments that
are listed on the last page. Bernadotte signs on the reverse side of the first page authorizing the payment.

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Davoust, Marechal Louis Nicholas

Letter Signed by Davoust as "Prince d' Eckmuhl" to  the duc d' Feltre at Hambourg on december 8,1811.

Kellerman, Marechal Francois Etienne Christophe


Gouvian St-Cyr, Marechal